Those Kids Should Go

Someone said,
who should know better
but does not know,
‘those children should take
their things and go.
They should not be in the
same classroom where
the other children learn.
They don’t know how to take turns.
They should not be allowed,
they should not be.
They are not the same as you and me’.
To this someone,
who should know better,
don’t you know that is what
those children want too?
They want to be the same
as the other children who
get along so well.
For those children
school is hell.
Teachers don’t help.
They don’t know what to do.
It is too late for my girl who
is one of those children.
Those children who don’t fit in.
To that someone with her
thoughtless remarks.
Just imagine how you would feel
if a loved one of yours
was segregated in a class.
Just because they thought different.
They don’t know how to fit in.
Teachers need to learn to help them.
They need support, they need confidence
instead of segregation in another class.


Clouds. they are blown into cotton ball streamers by wild winds. when they get black and heavy rain pours, lightning strikes and thunder rolls. I love the fluffy cumulus clouds. Looking up at the sky i see such funny things. A saucepan, a man with a massive nose, a trumpet. But today I was told these clouds hold computer data. They are very useful. I have seen both sides now. Clouds.


I have spent my time and money
learning to sing.
I wanted to learn to sing well
more than anything
but I forgot something.
I picked up a diamond and saw my own reflection
mirrored there and it was a beautiful thing.
Then I saw my daughter’s reflection and
thought of sharing.

The world is a lonely place without friends.
I want to be part of helping children who have
difficulty making friends. I want to show them
it is not so hard.

My Jennifer taught me that.

Poem to an Asperger

This poem is written for Aspie people everywhere. Don’t fit in to what other people think you should be. There is nobody youer than you and you are perfect.

Poem to an Asperger

I know how easy it is to
sit there on the floor.
At your fingertips is there a
world for you to explore.
If you turn the machine on
many friends appear and
doesn’t take much for you to
get to know.
You can’t say anything wrong,
they like you anyway but

there is more the world can offer you than this.
Same thing in the library,
lots of books on the shelf.
The library is a quiet place
where you can spend time with yourself.
If you open up a book and read a sentence or two
a familiar friend can call out
and say hello to you but

don’t you know you have much to offer.
Don’t give up on yourself.
I know how hard it is at school.
The problem is in
the education system not in you.
People don’t understand the way you think,
they don’t understand why you do the things you do.

How you like having all your buttons done up
and they like to wear the colour pink.
They don’t understand you and they are
the ones who miss out.
They don’t know what a loyal friend you are.
They don’t see how clever you are.
They only see you are different to them,
they don’t understand and the
unknown is scary,
something to avoid so they avoid you.

You are looking for a friend,
you look for them when you turn on the tv.
You look for them when you open the book and
find that character you love to read about.
There are people in the world who would love
to say ‘Hello friend, what do you want to do today?’
So you need to give these people a chance
to get to know you.

Try again.
Turn the computer off, put your book down.
Go and find a friend.

Happy April’s Fool Day

To the person who
likes to be different.
Who is definitely not
the run of the mill type.
To the person who thinks
far outside the square.
To the person who is the awkward, geeky peg
amongst a basket of round pegs,
I understand how you feel.
My best friend who is my daughter thinks the same.
And I think it is a beautiful thing.


If there was a word I would rip happily out of the dictionary it would have to be the word NORMAL.

What does NORMAL mean?
Are these people who are NORMAL
produced on an assembly line
like gingerbread men?
Do they enter school,
listen to the teachers,
do their homework,
go on holidays and
get invited to all the parties?

Do these NORMAL people
stick their hands up
at every opportunity to
see if they can learn something
or do they just absorb?
What happens if you are not

Who rules the line in the sand
everybody needs to step across
so all the NORMAL people are together
to celebrate their

It is but a perspective.
I prefer not to be.
I celebrate being UNIQUE.