Wandering Minstrels

In July 2015 we sang at the Vatican in Rome and the Royal Albert Hall in London.  In September 2016 we hope to sing the beautiful Street Requiem at Carnegie Hall which proves dreams can come true if you wish for them hard enough.

Wandering Minstrels

We roamed around Rome, Florence and Milan,
went to Old London Town and Albert Hall did jam
We lived the life of a wandering minstrel
for a week or two
and made many treasured memories before we were through.

Sacred songs were sung well loved by many.
When I got home I could not think of any
thing better that would ever be as good
as singing where we had sung and
standing where we had stood.

But another amazing opportunity
has just come into view.
It is on my tomorrow’s horizon
and is something I badly want to do.

That opportunity is to sing the Street Requiem overseas.
The Street Requiem was written for the world’s homeless communities.
The lyrics are full of compassion and love and
the music is very sweet.
The songs were written to give dignity to the people
who live and die on the street.

A dream is a wish your heart makes
when you are fast asleep.
Singing the Street Requiem in Boston and New York
is something we need to keep
working towards so we can say
our dream which was on tomorrow’s horizon
is going to come true today.


Twilight Falls

This year we are going to New York and Boston to sing a beautiful Street Requiem is a new choral work that aims to bring a sense of peace, remembrance and hope to many communities that struggle to come to terms with street violence.

Twilight Falls

Twilight falls upon
an empty city street.
Food van arrives.
Lots of food to eat.
Homeless well dressed families.
Empty stomachs growl.
Bread and soup handed out
with a paper towel.

Twilight falls.
Eager singers wait
hungry for new songs.
Few people sneak in late.
Street Requiem written
by our conductors and a poet.
Songs are so beautiful
it doesn’t take long before we know it .

Twilight falls upon a
hushed crowd.
Singers stand on stage
ready to do their conductors proud.
Conductor raises hand
ready to guide singers along.
Audience clap loudly at the
end of each and every song.

Twilight falls upon
a happy family.
Bouqets handed out.
Audience clap ecstatically.
We smile and bow to the audience as one.
We are tired but happy.
I can’t speak for anybody but me but
I had so much fun.

Standing on the Edge

As the choir sang Harmony of Dreams I stood next to a lady who was sitting down. This made it very difficult to hear her singing. I felt for the first time not part of my choir. I could not hear my Soprano 1 notes so I could not share the beautiful music with my friends. I felt lonely, unwanted and unloved and I knew I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I had to do something.

I began to feel isolated and I thought of the poor people in the city who feel the same way every day.

These people live their whole lives like that. Lonely, unwanted and unloved. They are the people who you see on the streets with a money tin and a sign telling in a few short words what their lives are like. These people can see what is going on around them. They can hear people talking to one another but sounds are distorted and meaningless. These people are not included in life. They are standing on the edge of life.

I stand on the edge of the choir and think what I can do to make my life better.
I ask Jonathon if it would be possible for me to move to a better position where
I can have people around me and I can feel part of it. He says I can.
People greet me and say how happy they are to see me.

I hope it is like that for people who stand on the edge of life. One day they will ask for help and people will be glad to see them. They will be part of life again and not just living on the edge.

Street Requiem – for people who live on the edge.