Oh no!!! I have had haggis. But Japanese.

Omasum – haggis’ Japanese cousin. Ick!!!

I thought I would be adventurous.
I thought I would have some fun
when I ordered a plate of omasum.
I took one bite.
something did not taste quite right
when I took a bite
of the omasum.

Little slivers of meat arranged on a plate
with equally slivery pieces of chilli.
I took one bite and lost my appetite.
It just shows sometimes being adventurous is silly.

Funny how we were talking wild haggis
which is another form of tripe.
I have made it a rule to only eat the outside
of animals but eating tripe makes me feel ill.
Now I have to pay the dinner bill.
Offal is awful.

Fact – Omasum is the third compartment of a cow’s stomach

5 Star Bed and Breakfast

When you first arrive at Noosa Valley Manor
the first thing that hits you
is the vivid colour
falling on your senses
like a torrent of rain
on dry land.

As you enter into this idyllic land
you may come upon Roberto or Renate
with a friendly smile on their face.
They are so friendly and welcoming
it feels like a carefree place.

Roberto is a wiz in the kitchen
with his gourmet cooking skills.
Renate is a very crafty artisan
and makes amazing calendars.
Best B and B you will ever find.

Busy Bees

The bees are busy.
The two foots have gone out
for a well deserved break,
a night on the town
but the bees are busy
and have to say goodbye
to their queen.

The little bees implore
them not to leave.
Briefcases and empty honeypots
are grabbed by workers and they
leave by the little round front door
in search of more.

On a stump under a tropical tree
the beehive is perched.
The bees wait impatiently
humming a tune uniquely theirs.
One bee sets out for another day
in the glorious garden
he is lucky enough to call his own.
Dipping in the humidity like a living teabag,
He first visits the long legged flamingos who are
keen on the progress of the garden rose.
One flamingo is looking for his nose
lost amongst the petals.

Nearby a buddha precariously
balances on top of a swinging door
humming a mantra of his own which
have set three stones on edge.
The garden is awash and ahum
with eclectic bric a brac.

The bees are content in the knowledge
that, if they get thirsty, the two legged ones
will construct a water fountain hidden
underneath the trees just for them.

Friend Flamingos

This poem was written while I was on holidays with my best friends, Lesley and Jon. We stayed at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast near Noosa called Noosa Valley Manor.   Can’t recommend it too highly.  My poem is called :

Friend Flamingos

Two friend flamingos
sit under a hedge.
One standing, one not.
They stand here all day,
no matter if it is cold,
no matter if it is hot.

One stands up straight.
Its eyes stare straight ahead.
The other looks crookedly
on life as it has
fallen into the garden bed.

Proudly they stand
with their necks curled stiffly.
Smiling on life they face it full on.
Patiently they wait until
the sun sets,
it gets a bit cooler
and the day is done.

The fallen flamingo
hides a smile.
Roberto and Renate are so good
at walking on an angle.
The glasses remain glued on the trays
as Roberto and Renate tightrope past
but the flamingo wishes Roberto would stop and fix it please.

Roberto walked past and mentioned
he had fixed the bird.
Now the bird does not look absurd.