Made With Love

two cakes – one made perfectly,
tastes beautiful, looks beautiful but made by an unknown person.
second cake doesn’t look perfect
but tastes really good.
The second cake does not stand up straight
but it is made with love.
This ingredient makes the cake extra special.
A person has spent the whole day on it
making it for her mother’s birthday.
If it was me, I would choose the second cake.
I was the person who made the cake for my mother.

The Carnival is Coming

Only one day and the festival is here again.
So much to look forward to this weekend.
A show about choir drama will unfold
and one person will be left out in the cold.

Saturday Tobias and the Angel opera.
Patrick takes the reins of the choir
and I became a tree or a river.
(along with 399 other singers).

Sunday a Sydney director will bring a secret.
Don’t know yet the specifics of this.
Will know soon so more details then.

Monday brings Best of British
so I will enjoy some English tunes.
Jerusalem and a coronation song.
I will dance the Cachuca
with my friend next to me.

It is going to be a thrill ride from
beginning to end.
I am happy to be a little singer
this weekend.
But you will not even see me.
I will sing with all other people on stage.
Hand in hand and one voice.
We are family.

And then the carnival will be over.
Until next year.

It is not your birthday

She says it’s her birthday.
She decides she will
change her birth date from
the third to the first.
She claps her hands and
so it is done.
She looks for presents
and doesn’t see one.

She asks me why I don’t care.
‘Nobody has wished me happy birthday.
It’s not fair’.
But I don’t wish her happy birthday
because she has chosen the wrong day.
I have to hold on to the facts for her
so she can return to reality one day.

Twilight Falls

This year we are going to New York and Boston to sing a beautiful Street Requiem is a new choral work that aims to bring a sense of peace, remembrance and hope to many communities that struggle to come to terms with street violence.

Twilight Falls

Twilight falls upon
an empty city street.
Food van arrives.
Lots of food to eat.
Homeless well dressed families.
Empty stomachs growl.
Bread and soup handed out
with a paper towel.

Twilight falls.
Eager singers wait
hungry for new songs.
Few people sneak in late.
Street Requiem written
by our conductors and a poet.
Songs are so beautiful
it doesn’t take long before we know it .

Twilight falls upon a
hushed crowd.
Singers stand on stage
ready to do their conductors proud.
Conductor raises hand
ready to guide singers along.
Audience clap loudly at the
end of each and every song.

Twilight falls upon
a happy family.
Bouqets handed out.
Audience clap ecstatically.
We smile and bow to the audience as one.
We are tired but happy.
I can’t speak for anybody but me but
I had so much fun.

Christmas Passed

Christmas changes over the years.  The times when Santa had just been and left presents for me and my brothers under the Christmas tree to the days when it was my turn to be Santa and hope my gorgeous gal would stay asleep and hoping I could get a bit of sleep before the darkness ended and Christmas Day began.

Christmas Passed

Christmas has changed over the years.
Don’t know where the time went
Once I was a child and my Christmases
were magnificent.
With Dad playing carols at the piano
or Bing softly singing,
we shook our presents
and started opening
Mum in the kitchen hovering over a hot stove
cooking all the Christmas food
made with lots of love.

Those days are gone and
Mum and Dad gone too.
Traditions disappear and
some start up which are new.
The meaning of Christmas
changes as we grow.
To me it doesn’t matter what is
waiting under the paper and bow.
For me the present can remain wrapped
under the tree.
Who I share Christmas with means
a great deal more to me.

Time Ticks On Regardless

A mirror reflects the life we know.
Lately I have the feeling I want to go
through a door into that world
I see in the mirror.

That doorway could take me
six months forward in time
where life has returned to normal.
But who would do what I need to do
as time goes on?

I would not be here now
where I need to be
so I can see my girl
and my girl can see me.

So for right now I will stay
in the world reflected in the mirror
and take each day at a time.

As time goes on.