Not Going Anywhere Fast

I wrote a new poem regarding the terrible news that Tramp is going to be the new leader of the free world for the next 4 years. Nothing is going to be free by the time he has finished with it. I called it

Not Going Anywhere Fast.

I looked outside the window
and could not believe I saw
the S S Marie Celeste
going past my door.
Captain Obama took the last lifeboat
and the ship’s crew all jumped overboard.
A new captain is at the wheel
dressed in Obama’s clothes.

The new captain is a dangerous sort,
a vagabond at best
he has a tattoo
‘Power is Mine’
inked darkly on his chest.
A manic smile on his face,
he stares back at me.
He holds the lives of those I love
in his fist and squeezes them together tightly.
Toupe slightly off kilter,
his pants held up with rope,
nobody thinks he looks funny
but everybody thinks
‘how are we going to cope’?

I wake up and hear the news today
of what America has done.
4 years of Trump presidency
and that time has just begun.
But if we stand hand in hand
and immerse ourselves in the arts
hopefully we will stay afloat
when all the madness starts.

For we are the ship’s crew who
jumped overboard when Trump came on board.
Some people voted while
other stayed in bed and snored.
The only hope is if we stay together
4 years will go fast
Let’s sing more, join more choirs,
immerse ourselves in the arts.
Trump is not going anywhere.
We have the sail’s mast.

High A? No Problem

I have got a new repertoire to learn.
The song ‘Hand in Hand’ has a High A in it.
I will sit at the piano and play the piece.
If I can go over and over the piece
and think of the High A as a low A
and relax and float to the note
maybe, hopefully, I will not only
perfect the song
but send the bad dreams
back where they belong.

Away from me.
Getting so tired of waking
up more tired than when I
went to bed.
Achieving a hign note is
easier than everything else
right now.

Warm Night

12.19am 23 January, 2017

It is a warm night.
I have been asleep but
it is the sort of sleep that
gives no rest.
I have tossed and turned
enough to free myself
from my dream.

My first thought as always is
‘where is Jen?’
Someone answers.
They tell me
‘Jennifer has schizophrenia..
She is in the mental ward of
the Dandenong Hospital’.

I am saying these words.
If I don’t move,
if I don’t make a noise
I think I will be ok.
It is like being near the
centre of an earthquake.
If I don’t move, I won’t get hurt.

I reach out for a sip of water
and turn the pillow to find a cool spot.

It is a warm night.

Bad Dreams

If anybody is going to get a
medal for the longest stretch
of bad dreams it would have to be me.
From the 28th December, 2016 they
have been faithful in their visit to me each night.
No matter what I do they show up about 12 pm
to pester me with dreams that happily disappear
when I wake.
The good news is I got through another night
and they are behind me now for the moment.