Virtual Choir

Today I am going to attempt to write a poem
(replace word ‘poem’ with a diary entry) about a virtual choir recording in response to
St Giles Festival choir ‘virtual choir life’ song which is so realistic I am inspired to record a day in the life of me who lives and sings from the cloud and who dreams of one day being a good singer and croon with the Corooners all together.

I will write it today as I will record my song today.

My midnight blue prize winning dress complete with bling
(which Rita made for me. Thank you very much Rita)
waits patiently for me on a hanger.
It is performance day and it is ready.
I will take it with me today as my hairdresser,
Catherine, has to take in its fabulousness
and match it with a hairstyle equally fabulous.

Jaq has rehearsed us twice and I already knew
Higher and Higher so I am vocally prepared
but unfortunately I cannot say the same
about my recording abilities.

I just need a few things,
a pair of headphones to attach to my pc
so my iPhone 11 is free to record,
a lipstick to match my dress and
a visit to my gorgeous hairdresser but
first I start with a kiss and hug from my choir lurker
and coffee which will make another appearance
later today. Coffee supports me mentally and
supports my iPhone recording device physically.
Next I must get all dressed up and get ready for what?
For my soprano window. For my spot.
Not singing to anyone but
right here is where the choir is joined.
Through song.
Our connection is love of song.
So let’s get on with the day.
Waiting for my taxi.
Buying headphones for my pc.
I know what I need.
I need a plug which attaches my
headphones to that hole in the side of the pc
so I can record with my iPhone and not
my old pc which is about as upto date with
technology as me.
Turns out that attachment was $105.
Will use it well frequently,
Time for brunch – baked beans, soft poached eggs, feta, sour dough toast,
mint and parsley.
Chai and turmeric latte.
Yummy brunch at One Fine Day Beaconsfield.
At the hairdresser now waiting.
A colour and an updo.
I will be a new me.
Jaq asked for something fabulous.
I wonder what that will be?
Have to wait and see.
Catherine went for smooth and elegant and
that is fine with me.
I got home from hairdresser and good news.
My new headphones work and fits perfectly.
I am ready for my recording.
At the end of a long day.
Battling with procrastination.
My choir lurker insists on some ‘me time’ and
I have promised I will do some cooking with her
but first the song Higher and Higher.

I  clarify with Rita we are using Soprano Sectional for recording.
She reminds me not to forget singing High after Lifting, Lifting, Lifting.
Lights, camera, action, Wiggles.
Choir lurker continues to sing ‘Light, camera, action, Wiggles’.
My fault.
Jelly packet too high.
Smarties box is just perfect.
Got to find something that shows my dress but
does not look right up my nostrils.
Smarties box is going to be used
and I have cleared the box with choir lurker
just so she does not yell at the wrong moment
Doors are shut.
I have to be locked away privately to do this.
Check all plugs to see if they are connected.
Attach laptop cord to powerpoint.
Choir lurker checks pantry as she is getting hungry.
Lay phone sideways on smarties box as Jaq wants
Nope, jelly packet is better as my image is more at the
eye level Jaq wants.
Jaq wanted portrait last week and I was using my laptop
last week for recording so stood pc on its side for portrait.
I found out the Alt key and the left arrow adjusts the view for this.
Anyway, I digress.
Here goes.
Now I have to work out how to send it.
Using the new way of sending files with IPhone 11.
Uploading the file.
Done for the week.
So this diary entry is done too.
Well done everybody who has done their recording.
Good luck all those who have not.
Can’t wait to see everybody looking, and sounding,
fabulous next week.

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