Duck bobs. 

Moves in water.

Always bobbing.

Always on move.

Never stopping

Never worrying 

he will stop bobbing.

That would not be Bob.

Be Bob.

Move breath through body

by buoyancy and floatation.

Once Bob is bobbing,

Vi comes along.

Vi Brato.

Like brush to canvas or light to shade,

she is the one who adds sparkle, 

vitality and colour.

Trembling, shivering and shifting

she adds dimension of sound.

Bob and Vi are good playmates.

Do not be Phil.

Phil sucks breath in and 

holds it in letting out bits

like it is a rope that will slip

otherwise. He is ignorant of

the fact that there is no

end to breath.

Ropes have ends and

so does breath held like this.

Phil will have to pull his breath

back into his body so

he can release more.

Phil will run out of puff.

That never ending puff.

A gentle zephyr of vowel

necessary to transport the

travelling consonsant from

first to last bar regardless of

semibreves and sustained notes.

and Dale Segno.

He is another story.

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