Tie Dye For

Tie Dye For

A beautiful home away from home

with tie dyes spread out on the lawn.

5 star high tea with scones.

Not my experience but i can imagine it,

Colours of every hues competing for

attention with the resident flamingos

and the bumble bee.

Just like the tie dye each guest brings

a history to the mix.

The mix that is the haven

Roberto and Renate have dreamed

into this world.

Their passion, their hearts,

their skills, their hands

have created such a place

as this.

I feel it the minute i walk in.

Warm waves of friendliness greet me

and it is like I never left.

But time does tell.

New teepee. Blue kahlo wall.

And a very friendly Rupert.

The tie dye diaries also tell tales

of travellers who have discovered

this most beloved jewel of a place.

Noosa valley manor.

A place to tie dye for.

All to the bok boks of the frogs and

the crik crick of the crickets

and the murmur of water.

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