Hey Mr Roo

Hey Mr Roo.

Wotsup with you.

How was your day?

What did you do?

Wotsup up with me.

As you can see,

I am sitting down for a bite of tea.

My seat a cut down stump of a tree.

We have come far in our car.

We have come far in a plane.

From a faraway country.

From another land.

‘Hello dear sir.

Lovely to meet you.

My country and i are so

happy to greet you.

My friends and i see many planes

flying overhead.

Don’t get many visitors’

Kanga smiled and said.

I have ants and nuts and

a beetle or two.

Makes a nice crunch.

I have a nice lunch.

I could share it with you.

‘No thanks Roo’, Jorg smiled in response

to the animal’s kind gesture.

‘Human fare for my meal of today.

Sit in the shade and we can visit a bit.

I have some water if you would like a sip.

When i get home i would like to tell

my friends of the day when i shared my

table with a roo who did not hop away.

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