Smoke and Mirrors

I come in from the cold.

It’s rainy and gray outside.

You offer me a seat,

it’s great again to meet

you again and say hi.

The warm welcome does not end there

as you pull up a chair

and sit down next to me.

No talking through the mirror.

That is too cold and unfamiliar.

Not at all friendly.

It seems to me,

and i am sure in this,

your clients become your friends.

A sit down chat,

a goal, a plan,

a cup of tea.

That is the way it has to be.

Smoke and mirrors.

Scissors and comb.

Texture is not as easy as it looks.

You leave behind what is in the books.

I also don’t follow convention.

I know I don’t have to mention,

Queen has talent,

Queen has class.

Queen has skill

and so do you.

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