Us Two

Once upon a time is how

all good tales start.

So did we it seems.

You and me we joined a choir.

A man had offered us some dreams,

A chance to join a choir,

a chance to make some friends.

Want to sing opera?

I had not really wanted to.

But i was interested.

Time to learn something new.

Time to meet new friends

including you.

The years flew past.

Lots of concerts. Lots of songs.

Lots of changes too.

Overseas travel to sing

at Carnegie Hall for me

A new romance for you?

Two people Kathleen and you.

Once there is one.

Now there are two.

Two hearts.

Two lives.

One path to travel.

Happy to watch from afar.

With your new love in your life.

Hell, soon you will have a wife.

And they lived happily ever after.

That is how a good story ends.

but not yet.

Forever friends.


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