World we created

Once upon a time four queens
ruled supreme.
Their intoxicating rhythms and
hypnotic melodies spoke right to
the heart of all.
Thousands of people thronged
together to be moved by the music
and the charismatic leader.

But the leader became ill and
suddenly instead of four
there were three.
They were still loved by all but
without Queen Freddie the
three queens did not know who they were.
Would they quit the life of peforming?
Would they decide to spend the
rest of their lives in the shade
when they knew how good it
was to feel the rays of the sun?
Would they go it alone or
would they stick together?

Deacy  chose to let go.

Shows would only be echoes

of what had come before.

Brian and Roger wanted more.

They clung together and looked for

A hand above the water.

An angel reaching for the sky.

A time when Life was  golden again.

And so, as all good stories go,

the time came when
a stranger arrived
The heir apparent.
Golden voice. Kind. Humble.
The sun shone down
warming the hearts of all.
Once again the arenas pulsed with
happy noisy people.

The two experienced queens will
continue for as long as they can but
they know that when they stop
Queen Adam will continue.
Living in song.
Queen lives on.

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