Our breathing apparatus
is very important to us
as we carry our songs upon it.
Seems such a long time ago but
once upon a time i did not know it.

It is one thing to understand
but another thing to have it
Ingrained in our psyche so
it is second nature when
you are ready to sing.
Do not take gulps of air
before you start singing.
Breathe out instead.
This sets your air pipe
in motion and spinning.
Do not greedily snatch
gulps of air for the next chorus.
That is not what our lungs are to us.
There is no beginning
or ending to breath.
We are funnels for breath.
Be in contact with consonants.
They travel on the passage of breath.
A singers’ pose is for life.
Not just for our
brief moment on stage.
So if you do not want a kink
in your supply of air.
sing freely without
running out of air.
Sit straight on your chair.
with your shoulders down and heavy.
Your breath is always there.

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