With A Song In My Heart

Treble clef gives me the go ahead.
Time signature tells me of the terrain.
4 4 time means groups of four quarters.
Could be time to work.
Could be time to rest.

Staccato, legato, accents, trills.
They all tell me how to go ahead.
Is it bumpy or is the way smooth?
And phrasing could refer to an exciting
Queen esque area that i want to return to but
no repeats tells me I need to continue along
the stave on which i travel.

Dynamics is the fine motor skills
essential to convey feeling and beauty.
It is the colour of my vehicle.
It changes colour from a very quiet pastel colour
to a pulsating vibrant red and back again.
I know how to tread the trapeze of the highest notes
but i am not good at controlling the volume.
Ppp, pp, p, mp all mean be quieter but i want to
be loud. I want to have my music loud.
To be a good driver in music land I need to
remember to not sing louder than lovely
and to sing less, listen more.
Less is more.

My car is an emotional vehicle
as it is my heart.
I drive with all i know and all i am,
accepting me for me.

Every time i sing i place my heart
in the hands of my trusted friend,
my conductor.
I make myself vulnerable.
I stand exposed just my voice
on stage trusting the conductor.
There are many ways the conductot can go.
There are different methods to use
only one destination. One goal

A gift for the audience.
With love.

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