Singers are Angels On Earth

Why do we sing in a choir?

I will tell you why I do. 

I love making music.

With my voice and my piano too.

I love singing with my friends.

They are my family.

It has not always been so.

Mr Music Man came into our lives one day.

‘I will teach you to sing’ I heard him say.

I only ask the entries and exits are mine.

If you do that everything will be fine.

Every week we came to him.

We learnt to listen to everybody.

We learnt to listen to him.

Every movement of his 

meant something to us.

Our hearts grew together 

and we became a family.

I have been taught to sing with

emotion but not get emotional.

I have learnt every voice is important.

Mr Music Man scattered his seeds of wisdom

mixed with love and watered with his tears.

People come to our concerts.

We colour our voices with our emotions

with genuine sincerity.

We float, we fly with our music man

gently guiding us toward our goal.

As we are guided by him so we 

guide the audience with the song’s words.

We are the intermediaries between heaven and earth.

Buoyed by emotions from 

singers and from listeners,

following our guiding light,

we stand firm and steadfast.

Singers are angels on earth.

Earthbound with their bodies.

Heaven sent with the songs we sing.

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