It’s a Kind of Magic Inspired by Queen

It’s a kind of magic inspired and ignited by Queen

One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal,
one golden glance of what should be.
It’s a kind of magic.
One shaft of light that shows the way.
No mortal man can win this day.

It is not the work of one but
of the choir that is needed.
Guidance comes from our leader.
It is the leader who is heeded.

Layer upon layer upon layer.
Piecing together each bar.
It is like putting together a jigsaw
or the inner workings of a car.

The bell that rings inside your head.
They are the notes you need.
Listen to them, hold onto them.
Locate your section and read.

Smoke and mirrors.
Rules of thumb
telling singers how it is done.
Unseen and mysterious
tricks of the trade of how to
sing and how song is made.

The waiting seems eternity.
Concert day arrives.
Everybody is ready for show.
One more rehearsal to
go over the songs we know.

This rage that lasts a thousand years.
This passion that never dies.
This song that speaks secret harmonies.
It’s a kind of magic.

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