Another One Bites the Dust Inspired by Queen

New song.
Not sure if I like song.
Strange chords and ideas.
Battle of the stave.
and me.
Stave is winning.

Song clips gives me grasp
of melody and sounds.
More familiar with song.
I think i like this song.
Crunchy notes with chopstick moments.
Sheet music sustenance.
Lyric sheets have no flavour,

Concert looming.
Song needs tweeking.
An accent here, an anacrusis there.
Note to me,,
never sing louder than lovely.
Going to miss this song.
It makes my heart swell.

Time to give present of time and practice,
Time to share.
Moment of growth
Goodbye song.
Until next time.

Another one bites the dust.

New song.
I don’t like it.

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