Ocean Wave

Don’t get me wrong.
I love a song.
I keep them all in my binder.
A life in the ocean wave is not for me.
My friends are venturing seaward tomorrow.
The call of the sea is for them.
Celebrities and teddy bear tahu.
Coral chorale sings well kniwn songs.
Their smile says they belong upon
the tumultous sea.
A peg on the choir repertoire
tells a mischievous wind it is pointless
to mess with the songs or the
man who leads the rest.
The choir may not know how to breathe.
They could run out of breath
but they will learn to stop and start
and join in with the rest.
And the smelly ooh?
I hope it leaves you alone.
Don’t touch surfaces.
Wash your hands.
Stay hydrated my dears.
Have great time.
Wave your own palm at a palm tree.
Cone home ssfely from
a life on the rolling sea.

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