With a Song inMy Heart

My favourite teacher of all time
has taught me the basics.
How to let the music flow and
not get stuck in someone trivial like me.

I know the singers pose,
I know the singer’s pout.
I know the way of the uplifted brow.
Dolce and pure music will come out.

I love singing and its connection
to my friends, my musical family.
But now i am getting hungry.
Altos and tenors are given the opportunity.
They stand stage centre and sing solos
while i watch and listen.
Am i the lowest of the low
grateful for anything thrown my way.

I can do what i am asked.
I blend with the sopranos near me.
I am ready to be depended on more.
I don’t want to sing solos to a captivated audience.

i want to know more about the instrument i love
so I can sing more confidently. I want to show people the music that flows through me.
I am ready to learn something more
I don’t want a solo but would love to be asked.
So I sit and wait and hope
with a song in my heart.

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