Make me an Instrument

Do I question my piano whether or not
it can strike when i touch the keys?
No. I expect my piano to be a piano.
The conductor expects the singer to
sing the notes on the stave,
no matter high.
No matter how low.
He has spent time preparing
the instrument.
Tuning me with warm ups.
Placing me with imagery.
Guiding me with hours and
hours of instruction all of which
I have recorded with my pencil
on my music.

High note A is a stumbling block.
It is a humbling block.
I need to face this note with confidence.
I need to have the note fixed firmly in my mind
so I can go to it with confidence.
I cannot think I can’f do it.
I won’t be able to do it.

The conductor looks at me.
I am an instrument.
Am i an instrument he can depend on?
I hope so.

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