The High A

We have a high A.
And if we don’t think we can do it
there is no way we can.
Keep our brows in the ceiling.
Keep our frame raised.
At the precise angle of 45 degrees.
There are only 4 of us high sopranos
but we can do it with ease.
Lips pursed, stand straight.
Lack of confidence is my enemy.

If I don’t think I can do it.
Then there is no way i can.
Hear the note in my head
and replicate it.
Don’t think about if Jonathon
will hate it.
The writing is on the wall
if I am not good enough.
If i don’t nail the note.
If i am not up to snuff.
Jonathon will be down one man.
If I don’t think I can.
I will try and make Jonathon proud.
One more thing to remember.
I must not be loud.

Have to listen to Betty
who is standing next to me.
All four of us, one voice.
We will master World in Union.
We do not have a choice!!!

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