Monday I was going home.
I have the ‘I will miss the plane’ feeling.
I am going to miss familiar faces.
No family or friends with me.
Been like that for most of the trip.
So homesick. Looking forward to coming home.
To Jen, my songs, my piano, my world with
all its challenges and all my people.
My suitcase weighs heavily in my hand.

People at airport are sneezing,
coughing and scattering bacteria generously.
Weird food too.
I am sure to come down with something.

I murder time on the plane with movies and meals
washed down with cofffee substitute.
Time flies when I am having fun.
What does time do when I fly?
It moves slowly.

London, Abby Dubby and Melbourne.
Lots of waiting for time to pass.
where I show my passport and flight details.
At other end of flight my friend picks me up
from Terminal 4. Thanks friend.
It is a snap catching a train in Melbourne.
No Jubillee, National, Circle or District line
to locate and use.

Home where the train travel is easy.
But not today.
I join the dot to dots between the airport
and home trying to stay awake.
10 stations to get through before I
can put my case down and go to bed.
Melbourne train system is so much simpler.

I get home and hug Jen.
I give her each present from all the places
I have been proving to her that I was thinking
of her while I was away.
To bed now. My bed that doesn’t move.
That doesn’t hum. I don’t have to move
so somebody can go to the toilet.

I wake up and don’t know where I am.
I remember and kiss Jennifer on the cheek but
unfortunately I did catch something on my trip home.
The dreaded jetlag.

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