Pursuit of Happiness

This time I did it differently.
I only sang once with group.
I wanted to see England.
I did not want to be cooped
up in rehearsal halls
when I knew the songs.

i was the independent traveller
alone exploring England from west to east.
Bath, Oxford, London and Cambridge.
I had chosen all of these.
Literature, history, architecture and music.
I looked for these here.
It is true In Bath and Oxford what
i wanted appeared.
Cambridge was rundown,
down at heel and sad.
Felt a depressing place
but actually that was not bad.

I learnt what i like and what
I don’t like in a town
I learnt how to use the tube
and easily get around.
Discoveries of dislikes are not a negative thing.
I learnt more about myself so
next time I know what i am choosing.

Vibrant community choirs who
know how to speak English please.
Bit of history and architecture
but no universities.
Cambridge is pockmarked with colleges
and that really gets me down.
On this trip i learnt about me
and I like what I have found.

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