Quality Time

Came to Londontown with lots of things to see.
London Eye, London Bus.
Kenkingson Palace and
Diana fashion show.
But time moves fast in Londontown.
A lot faster than me.

The London tube is great.
Gets me where I want to be.
Circle, District, Victoria and Jubilee.

My friend is very good at it.
She knows her way around.
She teaches me the ways of the tube.
I have my oyster card.
The world is mine
to go where I want to be.

Yesterday i wanted to do high tea.
Prime time to see prime meridien
but high tea at O2 was not going to be.
It was cancelled for the day.
But met lovely lady instead.
Went to Greenwich to 0 gradient.
Glad that worked out for me.

Plates stacked high with pretty things
are a delight to see.
But, like architecture, pretty with no heart.
I have found I would rather spend time with friends,
singing and creating.
Time invested wisely.

Go with the flow.
Don’t strain for the note.
Don’t yearn for things far afield.
I float and move toward my destiny.
The high times. The bright times
are mine if I learn to let things be.

Time in London ends.
What have I achieved?
I spent time with my friends
interlaced with London.
Thank you every one.
Especially Jill.

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