Travellng Alone

I have flown far away
to parts unknown away from
my friends and family
and away from my home.
Bath, London and Cambridge
are where I will lay my head
after I have found the lodgings
and settled into an unfamiliar bed.

I chose Bath and Cambridge for its
architecture, history and culture.
What I imagined these places are
not what they are at all.
I have been here.
Dreams are now tangible.

I have come to realise that
architecture is beautiful and cold.
Regal but uncaring.
Like a sunny day with no heat.
History, although interesting,
is what has happened.
I can learn from it but as I was not there,
I could easily forget about it.

Even choir rehearsal in Bath.
No heart as i was not allowed to
use my pencil.
My footprint in the sand to remind
myself what to do and how to understand.
And lyric sheets. How i hate them.
A meal with no flavour.
A finish line with no race run.
I am looking forward to London,
seeing everybody, Street Requiem,
London and fun.

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