Time to Celebrate

Time slips by unnoticed.
Spring begins again.
Cold days are over soon
now winter is at an end.

3 years have gone as fast.
Voices of Casey are 3
It is good to celebrate with
cake and a cup of tea.
3 years of song and friendships.
Old treasured ones
and some forming and new.
Bonded together like
a beautiful strong glue.
Forged in the fires of fear and focus.
We listen to all around us
and raise our voices as one.
What great times we have had.
What fun!!!

This is no accident.
This was meant to be.
A marvellous kind man
came to our community
and created a family.
Thank you for 3 marvellous years
of Voices of Casey.

And our president Paulien
who is always so busy behind the scenes.
Thank you for all you do.
Our choir would not be here without you.

Beginning of winter.
End of Spring.
Kool and the Gang
are celebrating.
New life and warmer days ahead.
This winter was so cold.
It will be good to have more sun.
Hopefully the weather will improve now
from Day One.

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