At Liberty

As we headed to choir camp
our car suffered a nail to the
right front wheel causing
it to deflate.

Tyre even flatter.
Looking for some air.
Need petrol station but
do not know where.

Drove along a bit
till we found one that
supplied what wr needed.
All we had to do was fill it up
to continue unimpeded.

Youngling looked for pump
and saw one on the wheel.
He looked at it a while.
It gave him no joy.
He entered shop to
get some help.
He came out with a bike pump.
Youngling went to work.
He had to fill it up.

We laughed so much.
Youngling did not have the touch.
Not acquainted with old people’s
things like air direction
he quickly learnt how to
attaching airhose to wheel
to stop it going flat.

Apologies to youngling.
Your aim was to please.
To give aid to the car
and help us travel on.
You fixed the wheel.
You learnt something new.
Now thanks to you we can continue.
We have singing to do.

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