Touchdown and Melbourne Ibis

Plane lowered its nose to tarmac
and bumped along the ground.
I collected luggage from carousel.
Jonathan H, smooth thanks to you.

I left the airport and turned
left to where I was staying the night.
It was dark and I was unsure
whether things would turn out right,

Lots of people.
I asked a few dressed in uniform
where the Ibis hotel was.
They were helpful.
I kept on walking to
find Hotel Ibis in the night.

I found McDonalds.
I went along there and turned right
up a darkened empty road.
There was a Hotel Ibis sign so
this was path I had to follow.
The Ibis was at end of road.

I got in safely.
Reception was manned
I got room keycard and
opened my room where I
parked my luggage in a heap
Recharged my phone.
Pulled down my blankets
and went to sleep.

Pst. Hotel Ibis is ok for stopover but hard to find at night.

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