Shopping Bag Blues

Trolley hire day was when problems began.
Management had a problem.
They had a vision.
There were workers and
there were customers.
If only they could get the
customers to work for them.
If only the coins jingling in pockets
could be jingling in cash registers instead.

Shop provides goods and services.
Money could be made if services reduced.
There had to be a better way.
And there was.
Locks were fitted to each trolley.
Trollies were for rent, $1 each use.
But all was right with the world.
Money would be returned.

Returned? I returned my trolley.
I had a problem management did not foresee.
My trolley would not slide together with the others.
So I lost my coin.
Maybe they did foresee this.
Even a dollar is a dollar profit.
I left my trolley.
As i went home i saw other trollies parked.
In creeks.

Plan two – self serve.

Reduce service.
More money jingling in registers.
Advantage for customer is speed to
get goods and go.
Advantage to supermarket less workers
on registers, more shelving goods.
Human interaction lost too.
Profits could be made but
goodwill lost.
All supermarkets are the same with
no friendly smiles and no connections.

Plan 3 – Recycling

Plastic bags to be replaced with a
strong reusable one.
Environment will be saved
with every new bag used.

But plastic is everywhere else.
Drink bottles, corn chips,
detergent and rubbish bags.
Even strawberries.
All secured in plastic to sell.

Packaging companies need to be advised.
Plastic is not good for environment.
They need to rethink their packaging.
They need to rethink their profit making ideas.

Hypocrisy is rife.
I have the Shopping Bag blues.

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