Clare’s Realisation

I peeped out my keyhole
and thought I saw
a little choir outside my door.
They got in their places
and the words they sang
gave me the chills and
made my blood ring.

‘We are A Tollhouse Choir
and we are the toll,
Cleaned off the streets
and places we have lived
and brought here
where we live no more.

White pills keep us in line
White walls clear our mind.
white lilacs sweeten our
coffins when we die.

For we are not normal.
We are not right.
People aren’t comfortable.
That discomfort they don’t like.
So we are removed from sight.
We are the noises in the night’

The choir packed up and went away.
I left Atholl House that day.
I realised the truth of Atholl House.
it was a tollhouse
for the vulnerable who were sent
here to die and one of
those vulnerables was I.
One of the vulnerable people was me.

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