I peep out through my keyhole.
It is cold and I can’t sleep.
The hall is dark, the candles splutter.
Floorboards creak making me shudder.

The flame licks the roof with its tongue.
The curtains hang from ornate iron rung.
The house is stark and cold and so so quiet.
If i called out now what would happen.
I wonder if I should try it.

I have not seen my mum and dad for so long.
I know they love me.
I worry about where they are.
Mum told me she was going away
but she would be back,
she wasn’t going far.

But I am here but I am
not sure where I am.
I will be brave.
I will go back to bed.
I will be strong as long as I can.

My Mum and Dad will come for me.
They love me.
They would never forget me.
They will come.
I expect them.

They will come soon.

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