Nena jumps.
She jumps on the couch.
She jumps on the left.
She jumps on the right.
She jumps close to Les
sipping a cup of tea
and gives her a fright.

Nena likes to jump.
The fleas like jumping too.
When the fleas jump on Nena’s back
Les knows what to do.
Les reaches for Bravecto
the best remedy tried and true.
Now Les has to stick it in the stew.

Les rolls it in the bacon
for the dinner she is makin
to fill Nena’s tummy and stop
her from shakin.
But Nena is not dumb.
she knows what goes in her tum
and that little bit of white
contrasting with that pork is not right.
Nena has to deconstruct her
dinner before eating tonight.

Les comes out to find
Nena swallowing bacon rind.
The white pill innocently winking
at her on the floor.
Les opens the capsule,
sprinkles it in milk and says
Nena, have this milk and then
it is time to rest.



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