Clare’s Letter

Dear Mum and Dad

I have finally put all my things away in their right places so they are easy to get at.

A small mirror on my wall tells me my plaits are neat, my part is straight, my collar buttoned and my face clean.

There is a library so I had a good hard look at what they had and found there are a lot of books I haven’t read. Those books will keep me going through the winter which looks like it is going to be bitter.

I have a fireplace in my room. I like to poke the fire with my metal stick so the coals glow a nice red colour. Sometimes the logs make a popping noise as they resettle. That gives me a fright.

I have put the lilacs in their tall vase out in the hall. It is impossible to sleep with them in the room. They give off a ghastly aroma. They give me bad dreams if they here with me. Lilacs are all over the place here. Some old ones die and are replaced with new ones.
The gardener has a boring job looking after zillions of lilacs.

Mum, i am learning to oil paint. It is fun but messy. For Christmas i am painting you the scene i see outside my window so you can see what i see when i wake up in the morning.

Dad, you are getting a present too. I am learning woodwork so i am making you a pencilcase with a pretty pink rose, much more wholesome than the lily don’t you think? You will be able to keep your pencils in one spot. I have never seen a pencil grow legs and walk. Cannot understand why they disappear.

I have not ventured further than my bedroom door.
The hall is dark and badly lit. The gas candles throw giant shadows on the walls. At the end of the hall is a giant mirror which makes the hallway look double the size it is.

I sometimes stand and look down the hallway hoping to see your dear faces but you do not appear so i go to my bed to curl up with a book as a companion.

How I long to see you. I miss you so much.
Please come and see me soon.

Love Always


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