Writing a Poem

When i am in the midst of
writing a poem like right
now for instance,
I am not concerned
how people will feel about it.
It is not that at all.
I am dipping and diving
in creative waters.
I am collecting pearls of wisdom
on a thin string as i am
stringing words together.
When I get to the other side
I am not certain whether
I will keep the string of pearls.

Each poem is a memory of a
creative dip. I doubt whether I
can write like this with words
that light up my real world so well.
I will be happy if people like it.
They wave to me at the edge of
creativity and delight in
what I create.
But the making of it is not the best
part of writing. The poem is
only the thread of pearls.
The dip into creative waters is
what I love to do to see if I can float still.

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