Good Looking Bards

I look at the bright light people when
I see them in the community.
I crowd gaze.
Do they look at me?

I wonder what thoughts go through
their heads. Do they bother
to write them down?
Good looking people
may not have the desire to write.
They look in the mirror
and see what they like.

i am not good looking but
I have beauty in my life.
An ample dollop of songs
and cuddles from my girl
and I am satisfied.
I write poetry as footprints
my soul takes.
Poetical artefacts.

i am not amazingly beautiful.
Was Shakespeare?
Was Chaucer?
I never saw them
so I cannot be sure.
Do the dazzling people of this
world dazzle us with their words?
What do they do when their
dazzling days die?

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