End of Something

I run with the end of my red kite
making sure I don’t bump into any
people around me.
A gust of wind lifts it and carries it aloft.
I let some string out and the kite
bucks like an untamed kite.

My kite was made for this,
to be taken for a flight
by a willing human.
Some other people have the
same idea as me.
Some with children but
others, kite enthusiasts like myself.

I imagine I am the kite flying
alongside birds and all things
of the air not of the ground.
A bell startles from my daydreams.
It is the icecream van alerting
me there is
icecream to be had.

I wind my kite in and count
the coins in my pocket
hoping for sufficient gold.
It has been a lovely summer’s day
with cumulus clouds looking like
icecreams in the sky.
Finishing the day off with
one would be just perfect.

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