Fly Me To The Moon

Journey begins as soon as you sing
or you turn on the radio and listen in.
The conductor, the radio announcer,
will take you on a ride.
The question is what awaits you on the
other side of a song.

The song is the bus,
your wish for it your ticket to ride.
There will be twists and turns.
What waits for you on the other side?

Legato, staccato, diminuendo
and crescendo alter the ride.
Your soul is transported and
taken along for a ride.

When I sing and my soul takes off
I trust my driver will safely see me through.
Fly Me to the Moon and touch
down safely on firm land.
Your emotions are your luggage
which you use to navigate
all the feelings you feel as
the song makes its way to your heart.

Past songs meteor past.
You leave them behind in your
memory or in your binder.
Maybe you will go there next time.

Destination ahead.
Journey is done.
It was smooth and eventful
and you wish it had just begun.
Flying to the Moon is a delight.
I feel always cold when i get to
the other side.

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