Humility and Patience

I am a bird
hatched 5 years ago.
Left too long in the nest.
The nest is a safe place.
I am surrounded on all sides by
my brothers and sisters.
Fed delightful morsels
by mother bird who knows
how to warble and toot a melody.

My wings are big and
my lungs are strong.
I know I can fly.
In theory I know.
In practice no experience.

A bigger bird,
a better bird,
a sweeter with dulcet tones and blue feathers
she squashes me and humbles me.
To be fair, this is not intentional.
She may not know how I envy her.

She gets to fly out often.
She either sits next to mother bird
and they sing a duet together or
she gets to soar and sing at sunset concerts.

I learn to make whispers soft and pleasing
instead of loud and lilting.
Humility and patience are lessons learnt.
When is it my turn to fly freely above the clouds
with my lungs filering breath through me
so I do not stagger or stop?

I watch and wait.
In the future, when I get a solo,
maybe others will do the same.

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