Missing in Action but not in our hearts

We get a song.
We learn its twists and turns
but there is something more than songs
the choir learns.

We layer upon layer our voices.
We stand together and sing.
We listen to our friends singing.
We listen to our friends breathing.
Every breath from a different face.
Away from the world in our rehearsal space.

I have this image in my head.
With each song we sing we spin a thread.
A thread of voice sailing on a sea of breath.
The thread joins us together and makes us one.

You, my friend, are going away
but please keep this in mind,
if you have sung with someone
you will never leave them behind.
You will carry us with you.
We will carry you in our heart.
When we come together to sing
we will not be apart
for the silken thread has joined us
and made us one
with all the times we shared.
With all the songs we’ve sung.

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