Three Little Pigs

You ask, what did the third little pig do?
Did he build the house of bricks
which tumbled when the wolf blew?

No, not him.
He saw what happened to his brothers.
Destruction of construction of
timber and straw.
Cold winter nights homeless
is what he saw.

So he said to his brothers
let’s leave this land.
The wolf can have it.
They put their heads together
and planned
a strategy, a way to
venture forth from
where they had come.
First pig played the ivories,
second could sing,
third was a pro on the violin.

They looked for a boat,
not just any boat mind you,
a luxury liner.
Never was a boat built finer.

They boarded the ship
with instruments in hand
and set forth for distant lands.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
The wolf will blow our house no longer.
Instead we will be stars
and play for appreciative audiences
in piano bars.

And they lived happily ever after
except for the big bad wolf
who could not find the 3 little pigs.
He got a job as a balloon blower
and ran out of puff.

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