This poem is the
reason why I am a poet.
To raise awareness of people
who want to fit in and don’t.
Often they go on alone.

To understand you would have to meet one.
I met mine at birth.
My bestest friend on earth.
To me she is beautiful Jen.
She understands me
and i understand Jen
I can’t see why it is
so hard for her to find a friend.

The education system did not help at all.
You can tell they don’t know what to do
from the amount of times they changed the
condition from ‘Difficult Kid’ to
‘Difficult Kid leaving soon’
all packed neatly into an autistic parcel.
I could call the whole system a pack of ar@&$)holes
but I have to live with myself
and work out what to do
now school is through.

People struggle to find their place
on this blue planet hurtling through space
If Aspergers looked different.
if they had a different face.
People may know.
People may understand.
But life has dealt Aspies a ‘different’ hand.
One that will stay with them
as they traverserse this sometimes harsh land.

We family and friends who love them have to
wait patiently and quietly
and let them be
if we want our
loved ones to live independently.

So Aspergers.
Plainspeakers of the world.
Black and white insisters.
Legal juristictors.
This poem is to inform all people.
All who are willing to hear
I want to yell far and near

Neuro typicals look at the world.
They see the colours and
wonder why.

Aspergers look at the world.
They see day and night.
They look up to the stars
and wonder how.

Aspergers, celebrate your uniqueness.

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