Mannequin Mums

I asked my mother how could I live without her.
She had no answer.
She had cancer.
She was not long for this world.

I was there the day she died.
I held her head until it went cold.
Her voice, her thoughts, her fragrance,
her arms a refuge from hard times.
I wondered how I could go on alone
without her, my childhood was gone.
Her body stopped working
but I was wrong.
Mum melted into my heart.
I feel we have never been apart.
If you unravel the core of my being
right in the middle is where my mum lives.
No more hugs but plenty of love she gives
me when required. If not, she rests there
until she is needed.

Now I fear for my girl and
wonder how she will cope
in this world without me.
I will catch hold of her heart
as I start to float past
I will be there for her as
long as she remembers me.

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