Confetti, rose petals and tears

Remnants I have found
as I passed it on the ground.
A clump of coloured sprinkles.
A wedding happened here.

Not just any wedding.
First same sex wedding in Australia
of a photographer and a choir leader.
A historic event. One that will go down in history.
This wedding means a lot to me.

These two people bring happiness to others
in all they say and do.
It shows in how many people came to
the church to witness this historic event.
The time came and it went
Many tears and much laughter was spent
joining these two into one.
The choir sang.
It was an honour to have sung
for people who mean so much to me.
Afterwards we held our pink banners
as couple and people passed through.
Now there is nothing else to do
but look at the sprinkles on the ground and say
Congratulations Mr and Mr Welch-Jones
and health and happiness always.

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