Buns, song clips and fish

Good Friday is again here.
Customary buns with white cross appear.
But this is not an ordinary Good Friday.
Tomorrow is a special day.
My friends are getting married
so singing is what I need
to get it in my head.

10.11 already so pull my songs out.
Song clips need to be played a lot.
Look at the music.
Mark where attention needs to be paid.
Release that note.
Breathe and sustain.
Relax and float.
You will get that pesky note.
That note is a semitone higher.
Listen. Don’t sing.
Keep on practising.

Fish at intervals.
Not music intervals.
Lunch and tea.
Tea and a biscuit for me.
Keep on practising.
It is an honour to sing.

We are not many voices.
We are one.
We pour all our love for our
leader into the songs we have sung.
We raise our voices as we sing in unison
attending our friends’ special day.

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