What is life?

You are letting her down he said to me
as I said goodbye to her.
I was bound for a weekend of music and mayhem.
A full weekend of fun.
It was Friday.
My bag was packed.
There was singing to be done.

I don’t think I let her down.
Life does not end when
married life starts.
I need to show her i am
following my heart.
I am an instrument and
I am happiest when I sing.
Jonathon is conducting and
my voice is blending and mixing
with the other voices on stage.
I refuse to stay at hom
where my life feels like a cage.
A kitchen sink, a vacuum cleaner.
Dinner on the table by six.
I sm not leaving het or letting her down.
I am finding my life and my friends
even though i have a life which restricts
me from being a free spirit.

I have ventured forth.
I have explored the unknown region
and found a life of purpose, song and friends.
Success is finding my version of happiness.
Being a mother does not mean my social life ends.

Life is short.
Standing ovations short and sweet.
My life is a stage.
A metronome my heartbeat.

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