My mother died 28 february

Ten years ago my mother died
and left me motherless.
She wanted to live no longer.
I was a blubbering mess.
She had cancer but did not suffer long.
How could I survive now she was gone?

But life goes on regardless.
There were meals to make.
Clothes to hang on the line.
Jennifer to love and cherish.
Time stops for no man.

I placed flowers in the
Remembrance Garden where
her plaque was on the wall.
It was good to do something for her.
But it was a wasted effort.
It didn’t matter at all.

I have made friends.
I work, I sing, i have travelled overseas.
Madness and sadness were at one time
my companions.
Song and writing were
my refuge and solace.
Jennifer and my friends
gave me hugs.

I hope my work has made
a difference in someone’s life.
Mum, I have survived.
I know you are not far away.
I love you.

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