Titanium Knee Craze

Do you remember in days long gone
there used to be a swap card craze.
Everybody who was anybody had to
have a swap card album and
fill it full of cards.
Well it turns out that my friends
are enjoying another craze.
The titanium knee craze.
Lizzie last year, Rita this year
and tomorrow Margaret too.
They go in with creaky knees
and come out with them brand new.

A little bit taller and a bit wiser from the op.
Spend a few days in hospital then to rehab they hop.
Well not hop exactly.
They are chauffered there in style.
Live at the height of a luxury
and stay there for a while.

We stand a lot in choir.
It would not be good on the knee.
Hope my swap day is far away.
Titanium knees can forget about me.

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