A soliloquy is also known as talking to yourself.

All my poetry is a soliloquy.
A conversation with myself.
It would be impossible to write poetry
with anyone but me.
Noone else would understand
the conversations that go on between
me and myself in my mind.

No one else would understand the weird colours
and shapes thrown up on blank sheets of imaginary canvas,
In fact, if somebody did add their voice to my ideas
they would pollute them so they would become garbled and distorted.

In the process of writing a new poem I try on new thoughts like hats. As soon as I put them on I toss it off. They did not feel right and left me with no joy.

My experiences guide my pen. When I cannot share my experiences my voice disappears, my pen freezes. The conversation comes to an end. I put the poem aside and go out, put on my intrepid explorer’s helmet looking forward to collecting materials for the future.

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