Preparations have been made
for we of fixed address.
No more the life of vagabonds
and wayward wanderers.

We sink our roots deep into the earth
like our water tanks.
Reserves of lifelong experiences
and life giving water.
Promises of comfort for
days yet to come.
We build our dream home
in the land of the noonday sun.

Kitchen large and spacious,
the way kitchens ought to be,
with a temporary nook for a cup of tea
and to put your feet up and
curl around a friendly cup.

Miss Patsie has settled down
and found her permanent place.
No more a cat on the go.
Instead she has plonked herself on the floor.
She is staying put.
A gypsy no more.
Stretched out from whiskers to toe.
Paws swat at insects as her
tail tics to and fro.

A love of nature has been
brought into the house as
illustrated on the front door.
Green grass blades remind me
of happy days with camera in hand.
Now the entrance to my home.
My form of expression upon this land.

Now to mention the special light.
Individually made by an artisan.
A New Zealander.
A master of his trade.
Small LED lights like
a ribbon of lights.
A sensation to see.
Already in its place in the dining room
where the table will be.

The navicula light.
It twists, it turns.
It captures light and sets it free.
Nature in all its beauty,
structure, form and symmetry.

We celebrate Christmas
as shepherds of old who followed
the Bethlehem star.
We live on the sunshine coast.
In the lush tropical hinterland.

Our star is navicula.

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