Crumpled Art

I tried to do something today.
I wanted to draw a flower
The petals did not look right.
I worked on it for over an hour.

I brought out the waxes and pastels.
I filled the petals and stamens with colour.
Pale pink on one bud.
Magenta on the other.

It still did not look right.
I lay it on the table and gave it
a long and calculated look.
I wondered whether I should bother
pasting it in my book.

My teacher insisted I keep everything.
Even this I suppose.
This poor excuse for a hothouse rose.
If I keep only the good stuff
I cannot see my improvement.
I cannot see the evolution of my art.

So I will paste this crumpled art in.
Saved just after i crumpled it and
was throwing it in the bin.
I will put all my art in my folio
right from the start
and when I have completed a few more
I will see the advancement of my art.

I will be proud of every step I take.
If my onion has not the perfect outline
I don’t care a jot.
My art is unique and special
even that vibrant purple spot.

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